Getting Started with Off-Roading

Interested in offroading? It’s a marvelous hobby and an excellent way to enjoy nature with some excitement and relative safety. However, as with all exciting pastimes, dangers do indeed exist, especially for the uninitiated.

First, not just any vehicle is suited for offriading right off the lot. Even “rugged” vehicles like jeeps, SUVs and trucks, while definitely built to handle the abuse, are really geared for standard road driving initially. Some modifications are almost always necessary, though the extent of them varies.

Roll cages are absolutely crucial, as any vehicle can tip over and/or roll. Without the rigid infrastructure to protect drivers and passengers, lives can be lost (severe injuries at best). Tires don’t necessarily need to be enlarged or wheels modified – this depends on the terrain you want to tackle. All-weather tires are pretty much a minimal requirement though.

Have a safety checklist and adhere to it strictly. Always have proper winches, jacks and tire repair/replacement kits on hand. Have satellite off-road trail equipment so you don’t get lost and so if the worst should happen, you can be located. Have a cellular phone with roaming that can at least pick up an emergency signal out in the wilderness. Don’t get stranded, hurt, in the middle of nowhere; there’s no reason for that these days.

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