How to Read Tire Sizes

Acquainting yourself with some of the basics of your car’s workings will serve you well in the long run. Tires are one aspect that, with a little practice in understanding the abbreviations, you’ll become comfortable with discussing what your vehicle needs.

A letter is usually the first thing you see, it may be a “P,” for example. If so, that means the tire’s rated for a passenger vehicle. A three-digit number follows, which indicates what the tire’s width is in mm. After that, there’s a slash and a two-digit number. This number tells you the ratio of the tire’s height to its width. A 75 represents the height is 75% of the width. Following this is another letter, which signifies the type of tire. An “R” simply means radial. The last part of the segment is a two-digit number, which is representative of the wheel’s diameter. If it’s 15, then your tire should be 15 inches.

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