Your Exhaust Might be Leaking

The exhaust system on your vehicle is comprised of several important features that begin with removing gases from the engine. As the gases travel down the pipe, they are evaluated in the catalytic converter for proper levels before released into the environment. The muffler is the piece that many people think of when they consider the exhaust.

The muffler does muffle the sound as it connects to the tail pipe before final emission, but if any of the components fail along the way, the fumes can be dangerous for you and anyone else riding in your vehicle. There are some indicators that will alert you to a problem. A popping noise from the engine is one. This can lead to burned spark plugs and further damage from the cylinder heads if not taken care of relatively quickly.

Don’t hesitate to stop in to our service center Dearth Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Monroe, WI if you notice any part of your exhaust changing. Whether you hear or smell something unusual, it’s no problem for us to check it out and help keep you safe.

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